KELIN to train Civil Society Organizations on Fostering Accountability in the Budgetary Process

KELIN to train Civil Society Organizations on Fostering Accountability in the Budgetary Process

Civil society has a critical role to play in the development, implementation and evaluation of national and county budgets. Active engagement of civil society through the budgetary process creates a forum for open and participatory discussion with the government as critical financial decisions are made. Continued corruption and misappropriation of funds in government spending for health is indicative of the need for civil society to seek to hold the government accountable for the misfeasance and responsible in meeting the promises it has made.

In order to hold government’s accountable civil societies must understand the budget and the budget making process so that they can meaningfully participate in these processes to ensure they are reflective of the needs of Kenyans. Participation in the budget making process by civil society has been relatively low with only a few organizations meaningfully engaging in the process.  Increased advocacy in the budget process may have meaningful impact in securing rights including the right to sexual and reproductive health, which cannot be meaningfully realized without investment.

Informed by this KELIN will be conducting a training on fostering accountability and transparency in the bill making process for civil society representatives in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights on 29 – 30 January 2018.  The objectives of the training include:

  1. introducing the participants to the normative framework on budgetary processes at national and county level;
  2. introducing the concept of gender responsive budgeting; and exploring avenues to influence budget making process at the national and county level.

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