HIV and TB

KELIN works to ensure that health human rights on HIV, AIDS and TB are integrated into policies, laws, and regulations. We do this through interrogating current laws and policies on HIV, and TB, examining gaps at the county and federal level and prepare recommendations for how to integrate relevant human rights. With respect to HIV and TB, it is particularly essential to:

Utilize terminologies that are internationally recognized and agreed to by UNAIDS, World Health Organization, STOP TB and other such governing bodies;
Educate and train various stakeholders including healthcare professionals, law enforcement, and communities on the rights accorded and restricted by the Kenyan Constitution with respect to HIV and TB; and
Build strategic partnerships to enhance the realization, respect and protection of health rights of PLHIV and communities infected and affected by Tuberculosis.

Within the HIV & TB thematic area, our key objectives include; (i) Contributing towards enhancing an enabling legal and policy environment for HIV and TB services (ii) To increase the level of awareness and promote dialogue with communities and key stakeholders on their right to TB and HIV related services (iii) Strengthen the capacity of communities and advocates on health related human rights with emphasis on TB and HIV so as lead advocacy efforts and initiatives (iv) To create an enabling environment for access to justice for communities whose rights to access HIV and TB services are violated and (v) enable and strengthen research and documentation for TB and HIV.

KELIN staff working on HIV & TB
Lucy Ghati is the Programme Manager for HIV & TB at KELIN. She can be reached at:, Timothy Wafula si the Programme Associate and he can be reached at