What We Do

The Kenya Legal & Ethical Issues Network on HIV and AIDS (KELIN) was formed in 1994 and registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in 2001. It was established following a workshop in Accra, Ghana which focused on creating country-based networks that intersect law, ethics, human rights, and HIV.

While originally created to protect and promote HIV-related human rights, our scope has expanded to also include:

  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights,
  • Key populations, and
  • Women, land and property rights.

Our goal is to advocate for a holistic and rights-based system of service delivery in health and for the full enjoyment of the right to health by all, including the vulnerable, marginalized, and excluded populations in these four thematic areas.

We do this by:

  1. Advocating for the integration of constitutional and other human rights in policies, laws and operational frameworks/regulations relating to the right to health and the application of the constitutional values and principles and the rights based approaches in the implementation of health services.
  2. Developing the capacities of PBOs and CBOs working on health and human rights issues.
  3. Facilitating access to justice in respect of violations of health related human rights.
  4. Initiating and participating in strategic partnerships at the national, sub-regional and regional and global levels for the strengthening of the rights based approach to the in the delivery of health services.
  5. Building an organization that operates in an effective, efficient, professional and accountable manner.

In the implementation of our programs and related activities, we utilize a rights-based approach; prioritizing the key principles of people-centeredness, accountability, equality, and non-discrimination. By taking this approach we ensure the involvement of both the rights holders, who are not experiencing full rights, and the duty bearers who are duty bound to protect the holders’ rights.