Stephen Lewis, Former UN Special Envoy for HIV & AIDS in Africa

KELIN is one of those deeply-principled NGOs that comes to the fore wherever abuses of human rights occur. It’s undaunted in the face of the establishment, and positively relishes a good fight in defense of social justice. KELIN is well-led, well-disciplined, well-focused, well-researched and admirably uncompromising. It employs ‘impact litigation’ with superb intellectual dexterity, and chooses its targets with creative flare. Whether it’s issues of forced sterilization, or key populations discrimination, or flawed decrees, or the vulnerability of those living with HIV, or any aspect of women’s rights, KELIN can be counted on. The organization is young and growing and profoundly impressive.

Reclaiming rights, Rebuilding lives. KELIN promotes and protects Health-related rights.